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Who Owns Your Business
You or eBay?

"I get so tired of mailing packages.
Pick, pack and ship... over and over."

"I depend on eBay for traffic.
I don't have any traffic of my own."

"If I stop, how else could I earn income?
It's my only stream of income."

"I've basically created my own hourly wage job,
working harder than ever. For eBay."

"I've been doing ebay for almost ten years now,
and I'm feeling like a well monitored employee."

If you are an auction seller, you do not own your own business. It owns you.

More specifically, eBay owns you.

Yes, eBay is a brilliant concept. Poor old Amazon -- they have to do all that pick-pack-and-shipping themselves, millions of times a week. But eBay? They get YOU, and millions of others to do the hard part for them, from home, as free labor...

  • the sourcing of product
  • the warehousing of product
  • the packaging
  • the shipping
  • the chasing after money
  • the handling of complaints and support
  • and so on, and so forth.

And eBay? They let the software run the network of buyers and sellers. And then they let the network effect take over...

More and more sellers meant increasing diversity of product, which attracted more and more buyers. More and more buyers meant more demand, which attracted more and more sellers.

"And thus did eBay's growth feed upon itself"... meteorically. eBay grew into a company worth billions. They now own all "the little people" who do the hard, tedious, physical work that software cannot do.

You Work For Ebay... For Free

You work for eBay... for what is basically an hourly wage, while your "business" fails to build its own equity. But from eBay's point of view, you're working for free. Actually, you're paying them.

EBay never owns, warehouses, or ships a single product. However, they do collect a small amount for each transaction... which now adds up to billions of dollars per year.

A "small amount"... until you consider the cost of doing all the "hard parts" for eBay.

A "small amount"... until you realize that you are not building a business of your own, one with true value (i.e., one that can be sold). (However, you are building eBay's equity... its shareholders thank you.)

A "small amount"... until you realize that if you don't own your own traffic, you can't own your own business. And you're stuck... because eBay owns the traffic.

Which means you depend on them.

Well... it's Independence Day.


Do NOT stop your online auction business. It makes money. That's a start.

Do NOT stop your eBay activity. They offer a great service.

Do NOT "start over". Just build upon what you have started.


DO develop a bigger concept...

DO develop your own site in the niche that you know and love.

DO fill that site with high-value content that potential customers want.

DO use that content to attract your own focused, niche-targeted traffic.

DO use that content to PREsell your targeted visitors

DO convert that PREsold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into multiple streams of income. And then...

DO put eBay to work for you, but only as ONE of those streams. This is an important concept, so let's restate it...

DO use eBay (instead of them using you), but merely as part of your diversified monetization plan. In other words...

DO build your own diversified, profitable niche business. How?

"The Big 3"... #1) Own  #2) Diversify  #3) Build Equity

If most or all of your business revenue is generated by online auctions, you're making a common, but tragic, mistake...

  • what if eBay keeps raising its fees? (do you have a good alternative?)
  • worse, what if eBay collapsed?
  • you are doing too much non-leveraged, manual labor
  • you are not generating residual income
  • you have no automated revenues.

The online auction business is all about an infinite number of niches. You likely focus on a certain niche that you know or love. Perhaps it's 17th century Flemish coins or Barbie collectables from the 1950s. Whatever your niche...

Passion and knowledge are exactly what SBI! is all about. And SBI! will empower you to own your niche, to own your own free, targeted, motivated traffic that generates multiple streams of income.

One of those streams will certainly be your non-leveraged, non-automated, non-residual auction income. Others will be automated. Some will be leveraged. And yet others will be residual. And most importantly...

ALL will be YOURS.

SBI! empowers you, the auction seller, to...

  1. Own your own targeted traffic. Grow YOUR business by growing your own niche-oriented traffic (eliminate dependence on eBay.)
  2. Diversify. Use eBay as a mere part of your monetization pie (you use them, not vice-versa). Sure, send some of the SBI!-generated traffic to your auctions. But monetize your traffic in other ways, too.
  3. Build equity. Not only do you own your self-produced targeted traffic, but you'll build a large e-zine list. Hundreds, then thousands, of your own visitors will sign up for your zine. This is important because...

    • most visitors subscribe before buying anything
    • it makes it easy to generate recurring revenue
    • it's the very foundation for building a business with equity.

Sure, you'll get some signups from the eBay traffic that you refer via allowed links (those few spots that eBay allows you to actually refer off their site) -- and you'll add a few more from your buying eBay customers. But now you can really grow your own list. This list is your lifeblood.

"Why Is Owning the 'Big 3' So Important?"

Well, if eBay tripled their fees tomorrow, you would still have all your SBI! traffic, and your e-zine list, and your customers. So here is what you would do...

  • Move YOUR visitors to other auction sites in a flash.
  • Adjust your diversification to emphasize other monetization models.
  • Modify your e-zine content appropriately, so that recurring business generates other types of revenues (ex., direct sales instead of auctions).

The bottom line? Your equity is YOURS. You depend only on yourself. You (and not eBay) own your business. (And eBay will come to love it because you'll also ultimately send them more traffic than they send you, in exactly the same way many SBI! users already send more traffic to their Yahoo!, eBay and Amazon Stores than do Yahoo!, eBay and Amazon).

The key, of course, is owning your own traffic. Before you can diversify, before you can monetize, before you can grow a large mailing list, before you can build any equity... you must grow your own traffic. Which begs the obvious question...

"How Do I Build the Targeted Traffic
That is the Key to Growing MY Business, and
That Makes Auctions Just ONE of Many Streams of Income?"

The answer is simple. It is all in the process...

Build high-value content related
to the niche that you know and love...
Content that ranks high at the Search Engines and
that OVERdelivers what your visitors seek.

What niche do you mainly focus your auctions upon?

From 17th century Flemish coins to 1950s Barbie, the niches are infinite. But no matter what niche your business occupies, monetization must start with significant volumes of relevant traffic.

THAT is what SBI! is all about. And THAT is the word that's spreading like wildfire among auction sellers.

Add New Income Streams To Your Auction Business

Once you have traffic, the next question is...

"How Do I Monetize That Traffic Into
MULTIPLE Streams Of Income?"

There isn't any doubt that SBI! delivers the traffic. And yes, you can use that traffic to put eBay to work for you. But your main goal should be to diversify your business into multiple streams of income.

Here is how to build a diversified monetization mix. Consider each monetization method carefully. Depending on your particular niche and auction practices, some will apply to you. Some won't.

Pick at least two to add to your auction income, to diversify and grow your revenues. Never be dependent again on any one income source.

Net Result?
Auction Sellers Succeed. So Will You.

SBI! has been called "the perfect auction seller product."

A business without your own traffic is not a business that you own.

And a Web site without traffic is pointless.

SBI! builds a site with a point.

Try it and see for yourself. Take SBI! home for a No Risk Test Drive.

Using SBI! is the best way to experience its power and depth, all at no risk.

You'll soon have a site that attracts warm, willing-to-buy visitors... YOUR visitors. YOUR business.

"Venture nothing, and life is less than it should be."
Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

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